Difference between Gate valve and Globe valve

Gate and globe are two types of valves. What do you mean by a valve? A valve is a device which controls the flow of fluid in a pipe or similar structure. It regulates, directs and control the fluid.

 In this article, you will find the basic difference between the two valves.

Gate valve image

Difference between gate valve and globe valve

Difference between Gate valve and Globe valve

The comparison can be tabulated as given below.

Gate valve
Globe valve
Round or rectangular wedge is used to isolate fluid.
Disk type plug is used to regulate fluid.
Friction loss is negligible.
Comparatively more friction loss.
Movement of the wedge is perpendicular to the direction of the fluid.
Movement of the plug is parallel to the path of the fluid.
Either it can be fully open or fully closed position.
Can be regulated at any position.
may have a rising or non-rising stem
Always have a rising stem
Used as an on-off valve where a frequent switch is needed.
Used as a valve for controlling flow or for throttling the working fluid.
Pressure drop is small.
Pressure drop is high.
Cheaper than a globe valve.
Expensive than a gate valve.
Bidirectional nature: it can be used in either direction.
Unidirectional nature: Use it in the prescribed direction only.

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