Which SAP course will be suitable for mechanical engineer?

There are lots of SAP modules, which one to choose as a mechanical engineer?

Mechanical engineer with SAP experience.

 As you grow in your career as an SAP consultant and gain experience you will have better opportunities to join the core sector.

I don't think that any institute can guarantee the placement. They can teach and develop the skills in you but can't guarantee the placement. As a fresher, you will have more options for employment in IT based companies as compared to manufacturing because the manufacturing companies generally hire people with experience.

As a mechanical engineer, you can choose from the below list of SAP applications:
(Below are some of the modules which are discussed with you. You can explore many other modules as you gain experience.)

SAP PP (Production Planning)

SAP PP activities consist of MRP (material requirements planning), BOM (bill of material), routings and capacity planning. It is one of the key modules in ERP which helps businesses in planning the manufacturing, sale, and distribution of products. We can write down some of the sub-modules here,
  • PP-SOP (Sales & Operations Planning)
  • PP-MP (Master Planning)
  • PP-CRP (Capacity Requirement Planning)
  • PP-MRP (Material Requirements Planning)
  • PP-SFC (Production Orders)
  • PP-REm (Repetitive manufacturing)
  • PP-PI (Production planning for process industries)
This changes according to the industry type and its products.

SAP PM (Plant Maintenance)

It basically manages all maintenance activities. It includes inspection, notifications, corrective and preventive maintenance, repairs, and other measures. Some of the important PM sub-modules are, 

  • PM-PRm (Preventive maintenance)
  • PM-WOC (Maintenance Order Management)
  • PM-WCm (Work Clearance Management)
  • PM-PRO (Plant Maintenance Projects)
It automates the process of maintenance.

SAP MM (Materials Management)

It basically handles material and inventory management. It manages the materials resources of an organization to reduce costs and increase productivity. 

Material Management covers the functionality required to purchase goods and services, manage inventory, and inspect incoming materials.

Scope for a mechanical engineer with SAP

SAP has good demand and scope since almost 80+ of giant & mid-sized companies are using & running it successfully. I would suggest getting some domain experience before getting into the SAP to know how things work on the floor.

Mechanical engineering is a very basic and foundation branch of engineering. If you want to enter the world of software, sure training can open up avenues.

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