5 Differences Between Pump and Compressor

What's the difference between pump and compressor?

Usually, both the terms viz. "Pump" and "Compressor" are used interchangeably, but there is a difference:
  • A pump is a machine which is used to move a fluid, either liquid or gas, from one point to another.
  • A compressor is a machine that by squeezing a gas forces it to enter another system.

Pump vs. Compressor: Comparison Table

Below is the table that shows the comparison points:

Pump and compressor

Pump increases the energy of the incompressible fluid.
The compressor increases the energy of the compressible fluid.
No storage option.
Fluid can be stored.
It is used to move oil, water, and similar items.
It is usually used to move gases.
There is no change in temperature and volume.
The fluid volume and temperature change happen.
It is used only for liquids
It is used for gases.

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