Difference between Shaper and Planer

The shaper and planer perform similar operations, such as producing grooves or keyways on parts, both of them can do that. But if we talk about the difference between shaper and planer we can list out many points.
The main difference between shaper and planer is that in shaper machine the tool reciprocates while the part to be machined will remains steady, whereas in planer the part reciprocates and tool do not move.

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We will discuss more with the help of the following table.

Difference between Shaper and Planer

Comparison between shaper and planer machines is given below in the tabular form.


Comparatively smaller parts can be machined.

Comparatively larger and heavier parts can be machined.

Tool reciprocates in shaper machine.

Workpiece reciprocates in the planer.

Workpiece does not move on this machine.

The tool remains still on the planer.

In shaper quick return mechanism drives the ram but nowadays modern machine hydraulic drive is also used.

Planer is driven by gear or hydraulic arrangement.

The final accuracy attained will be comparatively poor.

It can give a good finish with higher accuracy.

It is not advised where the main motto is productivity because of its smaller size.

It is larger in size with great productivity.

The shaper can engage light cuts and finer feed

Planer can engage heavier cuts and coarse feed.

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