Supercharged engine vs turbocharged engine

Understanding the differences between superchargers vs turbochargers will help in selecting the best one. Before we see the difference, it would be better if we understand the purpose of both these parts.
Both of them are forced induction system. So, we should know the meaning of forced induction system and what it does?

Supercharger vs turbocharger

Forced induction

Delivering compressed air to the intake of an IC engine is known as forced induction. It is used mainly in the automotive and aviation industry. In this system, a gas compressor raises the density, pressure, and temperature of the air.

A supercharged or turbocharged engine creates more power than the same engine without the charging.­

In short, superchargers and turbochargers are used to increase the power and efficiency of the engine.

Supercharged engine vs turbocharged engine

A turbocharger is a device driven by a turbine. Its main function is to increase the efficiency and power of an IC engine. The excess air is forced into the combustion chamber. Alfred B├╝chi invented the turbochargers at Sulzer.

A turbocharger is consists of following three main components,

  • The turbine
  • The compressor
  • The hub rotating assembly

They were first used in production aircraft engines but nowadays mostly used in vehicles like cars, trucks and trains and similar engines.
A supercharger is driven mechanically by the engine. It is typically powered by gears, belts, shaft and similar parts. Unlike the turbo, it directly places a mechanical load on the engine.

The differences between superchargers and turbochargers can be tabulated as follows,

Sr. No.
The crankshaft drive supercharged engine.
The exhaust gases drive turbocharged engine.
It is less efficient.
It is comparatively more efficient.
It is more responsive with less lag in operation.
It is less responsive with a significant lag in operation.
Comparatively easy to install without any modifications to the engine.
It is hard to install and requires measure modifications.
It is cheaper.
It is expensive.
Adds direct load on the engine.
Does not add direct load.

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