What is Double Disc Grinding Process?

What is Double Disc Grinding?

Double disc grinding is an abrasive machining process similar to any other grinding methods. The double disc is used to grind the object from two sides simultaneously.

The material is removed from two opposite surfaces of a part instantaneously. Due to this, the two surfaces will be in parallel to each other. The degree of accuracy obtained from this process is very high.
Valves, Castings, and similar items can be machined using this method. The material range that can be machined using double disc grinders is really wide. From Stainless steel to high strength alloys can be processed.

Here are some of the advantages of this process,
  • The material removal at both sides will be equal.
  • The produced surfaces will be parallel to each other.
  • The machining cost is lower than most of the other processes.
  • Another benefit is the reduction in the internal stress of the material. Also, due to an equal amount of stock removal residual stress will go down.
  • Better quality and reduced downtime.
Double Disc Grinders can be arranged horizontally or vertically. The difference will be in the orientation of the axis along which spindle rotates.

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Commonly, vertical version is used due to its suitability for any size of parts. But, you can find horizontal arrangements in any industries today. 

Some other types of Double Disc Grinding process that can be seen are listed below,
  • Through-feed
  • Rotary
  • Continuous
  • Reciprocating.

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