Types of Clutches

Let us know what clutch means before we discuss different types of it. The clutch, irrespective of its types, is a mechanical device which transmits power from driving shaft to driven one. It can connect and disconnect at the will of the operator.

In automobile industries, the clutch is the first element of the powertrain which is used to transmit power from the engine to the wheels. The main function of the clutch is to run the car without driving it.

Types of clutches

Types of Clutches

The clutches can be classified on the basis of several factors.

On the basis of the torque transmission method,
  • Dog clutch
  • Friction clutch

It can be further subdivided into the following types, on the basis of the lubrication,
  • Dry clutch: As the name suggests, in this type lubricant is not applied and therefore better torque transmission happens.
  • Wet clutch: In this type lubricant is applied and hence heat is continuously dissipated.

According to the method of control,
  • Manual clutch
  • Automatic clutch: This can be classified into two types, viz. with booster and without a booster. Without booster includes mechanical, electrical and hydraulic clutches.

According to the nature of the normal force,
  • Spring clutch: It is subdivided into the diaphragm, conical and cylindrical clutch.
  • Centrifugal clutch
  • Semi-centrifugal clutch

On the basis of the friction surface profile,
  • Disc clutch
  • Cone clutch
  • Drum clutch

On the basis of a number of plates used,
  • Single plate clutch
  • Double plate clutch
  • Multi-plate clutch

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