5 Awesome books for Engineering Services Examination (ESE) Mechanical Engineering

Preparing for Engineering Services Examination? Are you searching for solved ESE-Mechanical Engineering question papers? Here are the top books referred by successful students to crack the ESE exam.

These books helped toppers to achieve those bright numbers. These books are treasures for you to 'planned learning'.

It is important to you to not only pass but rank high in the first attempt only. One should plan well and thoroughly prepare for the exam.

How much preparation time is required?

It depends on you and only you. Don't compare yourself to anybody. You are unique. Take time to understand yourself. Add one month more to the period that you consider is enough for preparing for exams.

If you have attended this exam before, then you have good experience of what really happens in the examination hall!

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Make notes of everything that is important to the examination point of view and review and test yourself at a regular interval of time.

How to choose the best books?

Search in google "best books for ESE /IES preparation books". Google will show you five to ten thousand sites that suggest hundred of different books for you. In the end, you will realize that you have lost your valuable time in only searching for finding garbage list. Use your time for quality work. 

ESE is a competitive exam. You should be competitive and realistic. Most of us stop after understanding the subjects. But your next step should be preparing that concept for the upcoming exam. Analyze the concepts and search for the related questions that are asked before or fit in exam pattern of ESE.

Here is the list,

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Mechanical Engineering for competitions
Mechanical Engineering
R.S.Khurmi, J.K.Gupta
Handbook Series Mechanical Engineering
Gaurav Shukla
A Handbook on Mechanical Engineering IES, GATES, PSUs & Other Competitive Exams (English)
Made Easy team
MCQ: IES/GATE/PSUs: Mechanical Engineering
Made Easy team

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